A mow you can trust.
ALL mowers have passed background checks and are insured.

Introducing MowNOW

The new 2 way marketplace to get your lawn mowed or to help neighbors out while making money mowing lawns.

The future of lawn care.

MowNOW is poised to change the future of lawn care services and how YOU think about them. Wouldn't it be great to just push a button to get bids from people nearby who are available to mow your lawn? With MowNOW, now you can!
Don't have mowing companies showing up when THEY think you need a mow. MowNOW is on-demand, so you decide when you want your lawn mowed.
With MowNOW, you don't need to worry about contracts. Request bids when you're ready. No price haggling or worries about having cash on hand.
MowNOW is about neighbors helping neighbors. What's the fastest way to get your lawn mowed? Hire someone who lives or works in the neighborhood.

How MowNOW works

4 easy steps to a stress free lawn...
Step ONE
Tap "Get Started" and let us know who you are and the address of the property you need lawn care at.
Step TWO
Request and review bids. We'll send you bids from any mowers that are nearby and interested in your job.
Pick the bid you like based on cost and availability.
Rate your experience and mower, then sit back and enjoy your newly mowed lawn!
Ever cut the grass from your couch? Try it today!

Wanna be a mower with MowNOW?

Being a MowNOW service provider is easy and a lot of fun!
Take mowing jobs when you have free time. You'll get notifications when lawns near you need a mow. Just open the app and quickly bid and share your availability.
MowNOW is a great way to make money on the side. You can look at it as getting paid to exercise!
When a job is complete, we'll either direct deposit into your checking account or credit your Venmo™ account.